PREMIERE: Monostone & Alfonso G – Fancy (Original Mix) [Chrom Recordings]

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PREMIERE: Monostone & Alfonso G – Fancy (Original Mix) [Chrom Recordings]

One of the main goals of Chrom Recordings is to unite people from all over the world by means of quality electronic music: Monostone from Egypt and Alfonso G from Mexico got to know each other from their mutual output on our label and decided to join hands for their next Chrom EP. Another goal of Chrom is growth and also here Monostone and Alfonso G are a perfect exemple of. They both started with single tracks on some of our samplers, eventually resulting in their own Chrom EP, which is called “Skyline” and consists of 2 pure progressive house originals: “Fancy” and “Rounds”.

On top of that we also added 2 new names to our roster for the remixes. First up is Wailey who is also from Egypt. Wailey just only released his first official track last year, but followed with recent output on Pillar, Awen, Krafted Undergroud, Polyptych and Project 13 he is definitely a name to watch. So we are happy to have him already on board with his remix of “Fancy”. Check out the very special break he added to the original!

And last but not least we have the Amsterdam duo Around Us for the remix of “Rounds”. These guys are on a roll this year with appearances on labels such as Magnitude, Tarnished, Electronic Tree, Artessa, Mango Alley, Clubsonica, 3rd Avenue, Mirabilis, Traum, Duenia, ICONYC Noir,… just to name a few. They add their typical deep touch to the original, turning the original into a compelling 10 minute trippy journey.


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