Q&A with Contact High

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Interview by LEEP

Hello Contact High! (aka Nick and Leila)
We are super excited to have you on board for the 1st episode of Adventures Across Africa

Can you tell us how your DJ Alias came about? And how did your music journey start?

Our journey into electronic music began in earnest when we first went to Afrikaburn as a couple and were fortunate to witness what is still the greatest evening of music we’ve ever danced to – Acid Pauli b2b with Nico Stojan followed by Be Svendsen and then David Mears and finally Madmotormiquel. That experience gave us a completely different appreciation of electronic music and left us desperate to find more of it and start building a music collection and DJing ourselves. Initially we didn’t dj together (or only did so occasionally), but in 2019 we played a few amazing shows and decided that we needed to formalise our act. Contact High came about as a recognition of the transfer of a physiological state of intoxication that can happen through music and a dancefloor. We liked the concept and the name so stuck with it!

What are some of your favourite festivals / parties that you’ve played at?

We started djing with a small crew of friends in Cape Town by throwing a series of intimate parties called “Ode”, along with a podcast series called “Ode Radio”. Some of the Ode parties across venues in Cape Town from 89 on Long to Modular to our final spiritual home of Evol were absolutely amazing and we had the privilege of hosting some of our favourite downtempo acts from Germany like Iorie, Wide Awake, Madmotormiquel and David Mears. Being able to host and play alongside these amazing artists so early in our music journey was really epic. The first time we played on the Spirit Train – on the Saturday at sunset just before the Clan burn was a surreal experience, and opening for Arutani to a packed Living Room crowd in Jozi was also pretty special.

Can you tell us some of your favourite artists / inspirations at the moment?

We love the German female powerhouses Sarah Kreis and Caleesi, Frida Darko and of course Mira. A couple of newer acts that have caught our eye of late are Frieder, Monkyman, Tony Casanova and really love what Carlita is doing at the moment.

What can we expect from Contact High in the near future?

We’ve managed to play a few really special shows in the crazy times since Covid hit. We have a couple more coming up in the desert – including the Spirit Train’s Return to the Source festival in early November, so look out for a few more recordings of these online. 

How would you describe your set for Adventures Across Africa?

We have sprinkled this set with some of our biggest influences from home. In this regard, no one has made a bigger impression on us than Felix Laband – so we bookended the set with two of his lesser known productions. We’ve also included tracks by other South African artists we love – including Leeu, Avi Subban and Lazarusman. It’s a slow tempo set with driving basslines and a consistent South African flavour.

Thank you for gifting us your time and amazing music! Much love

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