Q&A with Dava Di Toma

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Interview by Mike Chrom

Dava Di Toma, deejay & producer based in Belgium. Currently living in Koh Phangan/Thailand and part of the Planet Ibiza team

Hello Dava, you have been in the music scene as a deejay and producer for many years now.
How did you start and why did you choose this path?

hi, yes i start doing dj first time in 1986 when it was the new wave generation and house music was not born, at this time i organized new wave parties and start to play like this with vinyl and tapes, at this time technics turntable didn’t exist, so it was without pitch to control speed, we had only 45T or 33T, not easy but i did often.
Music was always with me even when i was child, i always listening music all the times on radio or with vinyl, i remember when i was child my parents put me in bed early and me under the cover i was listening the radio… πŸ™‚

Tell us more about your international bookings and your current stay in Thailand.
Why did you choose Thailand and is it better than other places?

Yes Thailand is my hometown now from 4 years, i love Thailand and Koh Phangan remember me Ibiza 20 years ago with his different cultures mixed and give this island a wonderful energy and of course in very hight in musical quality.
Of course at the moment we are living like in another world where freedom are still in our lives and where we can still enjoy parties and have fun.
What happen in the world and most i europe is terrible and i dont understand still why because just virus who kill less than flue but this is my point…

Which artists and music producers have influenced you the most?

So many good artists have influenced me but most of them are John Digweed and Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J…

How has the impact of the Corona virus in 2020 affected you personally and professionally? What has changed and how do you see the future of the electronic music scene?

Corona virus of course change my plan like a lot of people and the music scene because a had some big projects that i had cancel but finally i followed a way who keep in Koh Phangan where think we was the only ones who can still play on parties and make parties because in Koh Phangan Corona never came, we are a small island and its more easy to contain this virus from outside.
Again i think we are very lucky to be here and thank’s god for this but i support of course all my friends who dont have this chance…

Your collaboration with many Russian deejays had an impact on you. What is special about this collaboration and how do you think about the people from Russia?

I always was attracted by Russia and his culture, i have a lot of Russian friends and most of them are really great artists and great persons.
Last time i was there for the summer in Moscow it was amazing times and amazing connections with a lot of wonderful persons.
The nightlife and music quality in electronic music are very nice, parties in Russia are amazing with crazy energy and of course many beautiful girls )
I love Russia and the Russian, i feel with them confortable and of course they are true persons, it’s a pleasure to work with Russian because most of them are really professional!
I really miss Russia and i hope soon i can come back there…

How do you see the world in 10 years? Where will electronic music go?

But let’s think positive and life without music is not a real life, so i hope that everyone in this crazy world will wake up and show that culture is something very important for us and sure for our children…

Thank you for the very interesting interview and the insight.
Your last words to our readers!

Thank you too and my last words will be, many of us have very difficult now without the possibility to express themselves because they take away our parties, our clubs, our festival but Music will always be, nobody can take Music because is our feelings, our emotions, our love, energy and power, this power will keep us alive forever and will be always with us!
Music is a gift and this gift have be to shared with everybody you love, let’s bring love to this crazy world and let’s speak with music forever…
Music is our power and with this power we will win this battle in the name of the Love!

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