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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion

Inspired by songs on his mama’s radio, maybe subconsciously, Resilient held the sound of the 80’s / 90’s to this day. He didn’t grow up with vinyls, and didn’t start to DJ when he was 10. Despite that, during his childhood he used to run away from piano accordion classes, just to do some composing at home. Since then he has been in love with tremolo effects, organ synths and glitch vocals with the goal to conjure a soundtrack vibe from a famous “Top Gun” movie.

Member of Berlin based Instead Recordings; Deep House Craft (South Africa); Hamburg based Neele Records; Munich based Karmaloft Music, Affect Recordings & Affekt Reaktion; Salerno, Italy based SMR Underground, Brazil based Warrior City Records, Russia based Soviett Records and also a founder of Beat Sound Visions (Worldwide). He is an inhabitant of the world where human dreams are playing a crucial role. An all-around electronic multi-genre music player. 


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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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