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Hello and welcome everyone !!!
I am really very happy to invite you to follow me in this new adventure which began in April 2021 !!!I have just created a souncloud channel dedicated to electro-organic music in order to make you benefit from my musical universe and thus make you discover emerging talents or already well established in the universe of Downtempo & co ….!This channel will unveil a first series of podcasts entitled”Into the Wild” !!!
Then, each week, you will discover the mix-tape of a different artist, both from the local and international scene, specially selected by me.Hope you enjoy this musical journey!I am counting on you to share your music lover in order to create as much interaction as possible between us!
The first compile from Spiritual Nomad – Records, is available NOW!

17 soundscapes created by 17 inspired artists from around the world !Welcome to the Nomad Temple !!!!Once upon a time, there was a building lost in the heart of nature, in a timeless place far from everything !This magical place was called “Nomad Temple”It was erected to connect the spirituality of travelers through electro-organic music and mother nature !If you want to connect to the power of the universe, come and take a seat inside this wonderful temple of pleasures !I hope this compilation will awaken all your senses for a timeless journey ❤If you want to be part of the adventure, contact me or send me your music projects !
If you want to discover my universe, it’s here:https://soundcloud.com/spiritual-nomad-records,
If you like it, enjoy and share!

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