The Karismatik Podkast 61- Jorge Monti

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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, @jorge-monti-209014490‘s musical journey began during his adolescence, playing various instruments in several rock bands, until finding his love for percussion and drums. He was mainly influenced by progressive and hard rock bands such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, respectfully.

In his adult years he discovered electronic music and fell in love with progressive, deep, and melodic house, and proceeded to create sets that tell a story with smooth and delicate transitions.


Savvas – Reminisce (RIGOONI Remix)
Matias Chilano – Red Line (Original Mix)
Dmitry Molosh – The First Ray of Sun (Original Mix)
Alley SA – Searching (Original Mix)
OIBAF&WALLEN – When We Were Giants (Original Mix)
Dom Dolla, Mansionair – Strangers (with Mansionair Tinlicker Extended Remix)
Highjacks – Panorama (Original Mix)
Paul Thomas – Angels & Demons (Sound Quelle Extended Remix)
Bjork – Pagan Poetry (Eli Nissan Remix)
Sebastian Busto – Clubbers (Original Mix)
Julian Nates – Luminism (Original Mix)
Michael A – Spring Singing (Original Mix)

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