The Karismatik Podkast 63 – Deep Ghosh

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A couple of weeks ago we were in a beautiful castle in France, celebrating the birthday of Angelina. Organised by travelsetparty, Candy Castle brought together a large group of whimsical & creative friends, including a few musicians and DJs.

Deep Ghosh, an Australian, Amsterdam-based DJ (& space engineer!) recorded this set during the first night of Candy Castle.

Since beginning his DJing journey in Beriln 2017, Deep has travelled to some of the dustiest and lushest corners of the globe living out this passion. From his hometown Melbourne to the beaches of Bali, from Black Rock City to the Tankwa Karoo, from the mountains of Sinai to the Red Sea and beyond.

His musical selections are one of unabashed love of emotional, vocal melodies juxtapositioned to the deeper end of the sonic spectrum, while showing the influences of his musical upbringing in rock music and pop culture as well as occasionally giving us peeks into the music of his ancestors.

Along with DJing and monitoring satellite space missions, Deep is one of the curators of the Flow Sessions mix series, co-organisor of boutique gatherings such as UTOPIA Festival, as well as being involved in organizing Burner and underground gatherings in Berlin and Amsterdam.

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