The Karismatik Podkast 67 – SRS

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@srsdj1 began mixing vinyls in the late 80’s, perfecting the art of blending tracks. Over the years his taste in music has varied, but his real love is anything electronic. Deep House, Organic House and Melodic vibes are his forte.

SRS has been producing his own tracks for the past three years and is currently working on a project under the pseudonym Lakota Rayn, producing tracks in the Deep House and Organic House genres.


1. Dimitri Nakov, Natacha Atlas, Limara – Day by Day feat. Natacha Atlas (Original Mix)
2. Ramiro Drisdale – Ereni (Original Mix)
3. Wassu, djimboh – Saru (Original Mix)
4. Paul Sawyer – Sojourn (Dub Mix)
5. Nice Therapy – Sky Dance (Original Mix)
6. Enigmatic, Skarby, MuscoYoga – Vysoko (Original Mix)
7. Amonita – Ainu (Original Mix)
8. Volen Sentir – Priprava (Original Mix)
9. Gorje Hewek, Facundo Losardo – Endless History (12″ Version)
10. Eran Hersh – Ale Ale (Original Mix)
11. Not Demure, RYAN (AR) – Lavender (Original Mix)
12. RIGOONI – Riverside (Original Mix)
13. Draso – Dreams of Indigo (Original Mix)
14. Greg Nairo – Ledonia (Original Mix)
15. Greg Nairo – Morlina (Original Mix)
16. BLOND:ISH – Rio Secreto (Original Mix)
17. Souto, Nehli – Lost Inside (HAFT Remix)
18. RYAN (AR) – True Love (Original Mix)

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