The Karismatik Podkast 69 – Ed Noodle

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@ednoodle is a Dutch DJ who specializes in tribal mixes of deep grooves, bass and percussion.

From Downtempo sets at sunset or sunrise, to uplifting organic blends taking you into the night, Ed’s goal is to keep you dancing.

Ed is at his best when he takes the time to tell a story, relying on the right tracks and buildup for that exact place and moment in time, a craft which he honed at Afrikaburn. The experience of playing on the playa catapulted him to the next level, with more and more gigs coming his way, and also paving the way to producing his own tracks.

Besides being a DJ and producer, Ed is also co-founder of Wolvenroedel, a movement he started with @yondi-amsterdam to get people dancing.

BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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