The Karismatik Podkast 75 – Musiphile

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For our last Podkast episode of the year, we have invited the talented @Musiphile, who we had the pleasure of meeting at Hedone Festival.

Musiphile was born from a deep love for music. Her intention is to use music as a tool for healing, using fine selected emotional frequencies.

With her background as a designer and performer, she loves to create holistic and sensual concepts with music, art, and performance to create a vibe that takes one into another reality.

Before she leaves her city of Berlin for her next world trip, she has sent us this heart-warming set โ€“ perfect for a cold winterโ€™s day.

Let yourself flow through this melodic, emotional, and uplifting journey, by Musiphile.

300 Days Soundcloud Channel Promotion
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