THE MⱭGICⱭL HOUR ✨ ep.44 💫 ƤⱭLE ƤEȠGUIȠ 💫💙 (10.10.21)

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✨🎵✨💛🎶💜💚🇧🇷 ƬĦƎ ⱮÅǤỊĊḀⱠ ĦƟɄƦ 🇫🇷💜💚🎶💛✨🎵✨

Conceived as a partnership FunctionFM/Casa Caos Records/ȡȷ ShⱯnkAri, ƬĦƎ ⱮÅǤỊĊḀⱠ ĦƟɄƦ is aired every Sunday on FunctionFM, from 6 to 7pm, Central Brazil Time, during DOWNMINGO DAY, on which Casa Caos takes the decks for 24 hours non-stop Downtempo music! ✨🎶✨

Magical guests brewing spiritual, medicinal, magical! potions – main ingredient.. ⱢṒƲƐ, always!! The Ultimate Energy!!

💛🎶💜💚🇧🇷 JOIN THE MAGIC! 🇫🇷💜💚🎶💛

ƬĦƎ ⱮÅǤỊĊḀⱠ ĦƟɄƦ ✨ ⱸƥ.44 – ƤⱭLE ƤEȠGUIȠ 🇬🇷💙 has been aired on the 10th of October 2021


💫💜🎵 Ɲⱸẋȶ ǝƥ. 📻 17.10.2021 📻 Laura Brunisholz, 🇫🇷💙🎵💫

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