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When I started listen to electronic music I was 17 years old. I never knew what to expect and listened to typical mainstream songs, which were played on and on in radio shows.

In 2012 I moved to Berlin and started to explore the nightlife scene. I ended up to love and listen mostly to Melodic Techno, Minimal, Tech House and Techno. That taste didn’t change until today. The dark vibes in combination with lyrics and a nice beat still give me goosebumps.

My desire to stand behind decks evolved slowly with the years. The final push of motivation I got when I lived in New York. Friends told me If I’m that interested in playing music I should start doing and teach it myself.

In 2017 I moved back to Berlin and finally bought my first Dj equipment. After a few month of practicing, I could celebrate my first gig in a small night club in Berlin, which evolved in several afterwards. Later on I had the chance to travel a few month around South East Asia, which had a huge impact on me. I played a few shows in 3 different countries which includes Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. I met inspiring people who motivated me to take a step forward.

Nowadays I started to look into music production and take a lot of effort into the online market. I host a podcast show which launched very successfully with Djs from around the world. Therefore I met a lot of great people in the electronic scene from different countries and played for numerous Podcast shows.

When I play my Dj Sets I try to take the listeners on a journey through sounds and emotions and to give them the best possible experience.





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