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Tornadotoni is a Berlin based DJ who was born and raised in Bellinzona  (the italian part of Switzerland). Since childhood she was a vivid music lover.  At the age of eight she bought her first record and that was a big turning point in her life. For the next decades, one could find Toni getting lost in time & space at the best record stores all over the world, growing her diverse vinyl collection. Four years ago, Miss Yetti-a dear friend of hers & one of the first female electronic DJs around- asked Tornadotoni to DJ at her birthday party. Since then, she devotedly shares her passion for music and enjoys the magical connection that comes from dancing. Music is pure energy for Toni and it is from this feeling that she puts together her eclectic sets where many genres flow together, such as house, indie dance, dark disco, deep house, world, ambient, organic house, conscious music, hip hop, disco, acid, trap and many more which have one common denominator: “The Groovetrain”, as Tornadotoni calls it.

After the lockdown she played at many events and festivals all over Europe – from Crackers, Bulbul, Unter-uns-Festival, AbunDance, Balearic Freaks, Mahalla, Michelbergerhotel in Berlin, Komod Festival and Escon Events in Munich, to Wunderwandel (Vienna and Albania).

Tornadotoni additionally released two deep house sets for the renowned online radio station Lovetripradio (which was founded by dear friends of hers with whom she shares her longstanding passion for electronic music.)

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