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Zaratustra is a DJ/producer based in Paris, France. His compositions are eclectic, covering a wide array of genres such as indie dance, melodic house, progressive and ethno; he also offers the same variety in his DJ sets, where he likes to embark the audience into unknown territories. His latest EPs have been released by rising labels: Kosa, Rituel Recordings, Ulla Records … 

His “Requiem EP” on Planet Ibiza Music is Zaratustra’s first foray into melodic, downtempo and contemplative atmospheres. 
The main piece “Requiem” (literally means “rest” in latin) evokes a melancholic state of mind, a calm meditation set in a remote place, at the edge of civilization. The track is served by beautiful remixes by the talented ğinğembrę, Helkah and Ali Termos.
“Mirages” was co-produced by Zaratustra and his friend Nubia after a common trip in Egypt. The track slowly builds up toward a climax using ethnic drums and Middle-Eastern instruments evoking the desert.

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BLACK FRIDAY Soundcloud Promotion
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