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zijn is the Dutch word for ‘to be’ and that’s music for us as healing in the Now. But how long is Now? ∞ In zijn’s family of origin, music has been heard since prehistoric times as the essential art of all the arts, which were omnipresent from an early age. He was literally born with the talent of the sound artist. Some instruments shaped the career and the basic emotional feeling. When he was growing up, the first attempts came with old, cheap CD-Players to mix Goa and Downtempo.

Time passed and the priorities shifted to visual arts such as painting and studying media design. But then at some point „Techno” discovered ẓıȷŋ’s constant ‘permacreative’ urge to create and so began a timeless journey through electronic worlds of sound, sometimes melodious, sometimes deep, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes colorfully mixed and then again simply and with shamanic influences. Since then, ẓıȷŋ is constantly diggin’ new sound and combines different and sometimes odd styles together, just like an Alchemist would do so.

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